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May Update on the Church Property

What an exciting month May has been! 

The Property Committee worked with Drury Development to finalize the sale of our church property and lease it back for up to 18 months.  This allows the Session and congregation time to do a thorough Mission Study, make plans for our new church home based on facts and realities, not wishes and conjectures, begin the   process of moving without being rushed, determine which items we want to take with us and which things we can donate to another church or charity, do some housekeeping, and most of all pray about this move and what God is calling us to do.
God also led the Property Committee to another property that fits our needs to a "T".  It is at 7608 Shallowford Road, eight tenths of a mile east of New Hope on the south side of Shallowford Road, next to The Lantern at Morning Pointe.  This 5.5 acre property presently is the home of an Hispanic church, with a small church building, an office building and three outbuildings.  How we use this property to serve God's  purpose will be made clear as we develop our mission plan.
The Presbytery of East Tennessee has voted to approve the church sale with no discussion.  Since we own the property, the only thing that they must do is concur with the congregation’s vote to sell.  We, as part of our vote at the Congregational Meeting, will be making a donation to Presbytery from the proceeds of the sale.
The Session is working diligently on the Strategic Plan for New Hope, concentrating on the goals of Finance and Mission.  The finance goals will include how to divide the proceeds of the church sale to best serve the needs of the church, and how to invest them to best advantage.  Church treasurer Troy Ivey is working with our investment service, Edward Jones, to achieve these ends. The Missions committee, Marilyn Suber and her daughter Melanie Teeter have begun to collect ideas for possible mission emphasis.  You will be          hearing more from them in the very near future.
Plans for June include:
  • closing on the sale of 7301 Shallowford Road (our present church property)
  • closing on the sale of 7608 Shallowford Road (our new church home)
  • finalizing plans for with whom/how to invest the proceeds from the sale
  • continue the work on the Mission Study
Just a Note:  Everyone is asking - When will we be building our new church?  What will it look like?  Will I have a say in how it looks?  How long will it take to build?  And so on ........
Quick answer - I don't know.  It takes a long time to plan and build something as complicated as a church.  We may have to worship for a time in the small sanctuary already on the property while our church is being built.  Just be assured that we are going to take our time, pray for God's guidance, use the funds set aside as wisely as we can, check in with you frequently, ask your advice and for your input at every turn, pray and pray.  We need your thought and suggestions, so please share them with a Session member.
The Property Committee
Ron Young
Rosie Sanislo
Lizz Savard
Rev. Candace Worth, ex officio