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Earth Care Update

Thinking Green

More about Recycling-----Avoid these Misconceptions
While recycling as many materials as possible is probably a good thing, we do need to pay attention so our recycling efforts are actually helpful, and not doing more harm than good.  Waste managers say that some items will contaminate a whole batch of recycling and force loads to be sent to landfills instead.  Here are some key offenders to look out for.
  • Disposable cups:  Disposable coffee cups might seem like they can be recycled, but most single use cups are lined with a fine film of polyethylene which makes the cups liquid-proof, but also difficult to reprocess.  Consumers cannot tell if a cup is lined or not, so it is best to place it in the trash.  The  plastic lid may be recycled, though, so check for the number on the lid.
  • Greasy pizza boxes:  Pizza oils and sauce seep into the cardboard box and make separating the oil from the cardboard fiber difficult.  Soiled boxes (or just the bottom box portion) should be trashed.  Tear off what is clean for the recycling bin.
  • Yogurt cups and other plastics:  Some municipalities no longer take plastics numbered 3 to 7.    Always check the bottom of the container for the number inside the triangle.  Rinse out the cups, food containers and aluminum foil lid.  In Chattanooga, plastics #1 and #2 are accepted at recycling centers, and numbers #1 thru #7 are accepted in curbside recycling (blue containers).
  • Plastic bags:  If you collect your recyclables in used plastic bags, it’s important to note that bags themselves should not be put in the recycling cart.  Plastic bags create a nightmare for waste managers by plugging up machinery. Take your bags to a plastic bag drop off at Walmart stores, Lowes, Targets, Food City, Publix, and United Grocery Outlets.
  • Styrofoam:  This is kind of confusing because Styrofoam is usually labeled #6, and comes as egg cartons, take-out food containers, cups, etc.  The city web site for recycling does not mention styrofoam per se, but again, numbers 1-7 are acceptable in curb containers.  Styrofoam is not accepted at the recycling centers.  Publix has a special styrofoam collection container for egg cartons.
  • · Dirty diapers:  Seriously??  Not much needs to be said about this, except “Do not do it.”
Find recycling lists at  Special resource for this article came from, Sunday, June 3, 2108, page E6.
For the Earth Care Team,