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Earth Care Update

Thinking Green

Recently we traveled to Gatlinburg, TN to enjoy a week in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a truly spectacular area, rich in plant and animal diversity.  More than 11 million people visited this Park last year.  That’s a lot of feet stomping on mountain trails.  So, we got up early to beat the crowds on popular hiking trails to several waterfalls.  What did we see when we arrived at the falls?  We saw plastic water bottles, cigarette butts, socks, drink containers with straws, tissues, crushed beer cans and more plastic bottles.  How sad that people would be so thoughtless and careless to leave their trash deep in the woods in a place of such beauty.  The Park depends on volunteers to keep trails clean, so another couple and I picked up what we could safely reach on the rocks.
On our way back down a trail near the parking area, we passed a lady starting her hike up with her dogs on leashes.  While it was good the dogs were on leashes, and not left in a hot car, the lady had just walked past a clearly marked sign that said, “No Pets Allowed.”  I guess she thought she was special, and rules did not apply to her.  I wonder about the example we set for the children we saw visiting the park.  Will they look around and think it is OK to leave trash near a beautiful waterfall?  Or ignore rules designed for the well-being and safety of all visitors?  How about the warning signs, “Danger—Do Not Climb on the Rocks” and “Do Not Feed the Bears!”  Obvious advice that some people completely disregard.  Let us hope and pray that the next  generation will lead the way in being better stewards in God’s creation.
For the Earth Care Team,
Rosie and Andy