Session Update

  • The Session held its April meeting on Sunday, April 24th.
  • The treasurer, Rosie Sanislo presented a monthly financial update. She indicated that the transfer of our accounts from the Suntrust to the Truist system has been completed.  There was much discussion regarding the difficulty of using the current Flockbase system for membership and accounting functions.  It was suggested that we research alternative software to perform these tasks.
  • There was a discussion of issues related to buildings and grounds.  The instillation of the irrigation system is complete.  We still need to bring in some dirt to fill in the low spots and to put down sod on various sections of the lawn.
  • The issue of people parking on the lawn was discussed.  This can be a problem when large groups of people are using the parking lot.  Community Orchestra rehearsal on Monday mornings is an example.  It was suggested that we pace parking bumpers along the edges of the parking lot. 
  • There are several issues which still need to be resolved from the construction of the building.  We need to notify contractors in writing before the warrantee expires.
  • Leslie requested that she be able to alter her hours during the summer to better balance work and home.  She will be in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  She will be working from home the rest of the week.  Pastor Candace will be in the office on Mondays through Thursdays.
  • The Session discussed the reactivation of the Nominating Committee.  With the departure of Marilyn Suber, and Lizz and Peter Savard, the Session will need to nominate three members to complete these terms. One member is needed to serve out the rest of this year.  Two members are needed to complete terms which expire in 2023.
  • It was also noted that we will need a replacement for the Clerk of Session.  While this is not an overly demanding job, it is vital to the functioning of the church and maintaining church records.  Please give some prayerful thought to filling in here or any of the vacant elder positions.  New Hope         desperately needs you.
  • Planning for the Adult VBS, May 19, 20 and 21 continues.  There will be more information available soon.  Reserve that time for a memorable time together.
  • The next Session meeting will be May 15th.
  • In closing, I would like to say how much Lizz and I have enjoyed the time that we have spent in Chattanooga and  especially at New Hope.  From the beginning we have been treated as family and we have come to love you all.  We will miss you more than you will know, but we will stay in touch and hopefully visit on occasion.  Stay true to God’s plan for this congregation as it pays out in the future.
Blessings to you all,