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A meeting of the Session was held on June 12th.


1. The Session is exploring establishing an online system for accepting donations.

¨ More information will be gathered in the next several weeks and a recommendation will be made at a future meeting.

2.     The Session has initiated an internal financial review.

¨ The Presbytery requires that we do this periodically.

3. The Session discussed ways to safeguard the church register and minutes books in case of fire.

¨ Suggestions included the purchase of a fire rated safe and having the records digitized.

¨ More investigation is necessary.

4. There will be a potluck supper at Lynne Brock's house on August 3rd and an ice cream social at the church on July 17th.

5. Rev. Worth is on vacation June 20th – 26th.

¨ Rev. Tricia Dillon Thomas will lead the service on the 26th.

6. The Education committee will be scheduling a meeting with parents to discuss the future of children's Sunday School.

7. Several new mission projects have been suggest to the Mission committee.

¨ These include the Bridge refugee program, the city-wide mentoring program and a fundraiser for Hope House. 

¨ More to come on this later.

¨ It was suggested that the Taizé service be expanded to other senior living facilities. 

¨ It was also suggested that we establish a program like the grandparents program to work with our members in assisted living facilities.


The next Session meeting will be August 21, 2016 at 12:15PM.