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Pastor's Page

Candace Worth

Candace's Pastoral Ponders...

Well it feels like September today.  The humidity is down and it was actually cool this morning!  There are a lot of events and opportunities coming up in the next few months at New Hope. 
  • Wednesday Night Brown Bag Suppers and Bible Study will start up again on Sept. 5th.  This year's gospel focus is Luke.  It all starts around 6 with Bible Study from 6:30-7:30 followed by Choir practice.  Come join in for a fun time of fellowship and study!
  • Our Youth Kick-Off will be on Sunday, September 30th with a time of bowling/laser tag/arcade fun at PIN STRIKES which is located at 6241 Perimeter Dr., Chattanooga.  We will leave after our Congregational potluck after worship.  Bring a friend!
  • We meet before the City Planning Commission on September 10th at 1 PM. (1250 Market St. Suite 2000)
Apparently in 2016 an ordinance was passed in regard to the Waterside Development which contained a stipulation that the left-hand turn onto Napier from Shallowford would be closed upon its completion. The New Hope congregation was never consulted or informed of this until a month ago, a week before the light was to be changed. We were able to extend the date of this ordinance going into effect until August 15th. We are currently petitioning for this ordinance to be rescinded as the current transportation designation of Napier Road is that it is a dead end. Therefore, there should not be a concern for high traffic volume coming from or going into the Waterside Development because Napier is not supposed to be a through-way. We are hoping to resolve this issue soon. We have not been able to get confirmation from the mayor that the light will remain open until this issue is resolved.
I am writing to inform you that it is possible that at any time after August 15th the left-hand turn lane from Shallowford onto Napier Road may be closed.   If the left turn lane onto Napier from Shallowford is removed, it will cause entry into the church parking lot to be confusing and awkward at best and dangerous at worst.  We have  many groups which utilize our facilities because we are very hospitable and easy to find.  I would not want anyone visiting the playground, labyrinth or building to have to choose between trying to cross five lanes of traffic or giving up and going somewhere else.  This ordinance is a safety issue for the congregation whether or not we sell the property.  If it is kept in place, our property value will decrease which will make it harder for us to provide funding for Presbytery ministries, community ministries and our future building upkeep.  Please let your Council Representative know of your concerns.  It is vital that you come to the Sept. 10th City Planning Commission meeting in order to show support for New Hope.  We also will need your support at the City Council meeting in    October.  Car pools will be going from the church parking lot to help with parking downtown.  More info will be forthcoming so please plan to join us!  Above all, pray for God's will to be done!
I understand that it is hard to vision the future when it seems so precarious and uncertain.  However, one thing is certain.  We are called to service in this community and how we do that is changing.  Here are few things to think about and talk about with others: 
  • Why do you come to church?
  • What keeps you coming?
  • What do you still want/need from the church?
  • What do you live for?
  • What sacrifices do you make in order to be active in the church?
Finally, we are going to be "tweaking" the worship service some in order to bring us closer to God and have a more meaningful experience.  Please let me know what helps you and what hinders you in your worship of God!