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Pastor's Page

Candace Worth

Candace's Pastoral Ponders...

I am writing this on another dreary, rainy day. The shortest day of this year.  Winter is always hard for me.  I miss the sunlight and the multitude of colors as well as the warmer air.  Sometimes it seems like I look out the window and the whole world is gray. Each season has a purpose.  Spring is a time of new growth and life.  In Summer those sprouts and baby animals grow and mature until the time in the Fall when the crops are ready to be harvested and the animals feed up in order to make it through Winter—nature sows her seeds.  It does seem like Winter is a time of death and darkness.   But if I really think about it, Winter is actually a time for renewal.  During these short days and long nights plants are active underground, soaking up the nutrients that are needed in order to bud in spring. Winter is the time that many living creatures settle in to a den, nest or cocoon and in these places they find warmth and safety usually in the company of family.  Literally and figuratively New Hope is in the midst of Winter.  Many of us want to rush into Spring—a time of energetic growth.  We forget that Spring gets its energy from the seeds planted in the Fall that grow through the Winter.
Earlier today, I walked the property at 7608 Shallowford Road with the property committee.  There was excitement looking at things that needed to be done and planning for the future.  We kept imaging what we would put where and which space would be best suited for which group.  There are some storage rooms that need to be cleaned out as well as an attic, but overall the feeling was one of promise.  The job to have things in order paled when set beside all that could be done once it’s finished.  
This Fall my daughter learned about kinetic and potential energy. Think back to your years in school.  Kinetic energy is what an object has when it is moving.  Potential energy is what an object has when it is stationary.  While we are never stationary, there are times in our journeys where we need to slowdown and recoup energy or be focused on the next place God is calling us to go.  As we actively wait and work behind the scenes to resolve the problem with the traffic light and be able to move down the street, we are building up potential energy. Much like plants do in Winter. This is not a time of inactivity, but a time of nurtured movement. It might be hard for someone to see it from the outside or for some of us to see it on the  inside, but we are storing up fuel, receiving renewal and courage from God.  Soon it will be time to act in order to realize our move, but that cannot happen without the Winter time before us now.  So as you look outside at seemingly dead trees and dark skies, remember that there is life growing and storing up energy for the surge in the Spring.  I know if I keep this in mind, I might be able to spot the energy that is being collected in order for the Spring shoots to push through the ground and reach the sunshine.