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Pastor's Page

Candace Worth

Candace's Pastoral Ponders...

I pray that your Easter Sunday has been a blessed one.  As far as the consumer world is concerned, Easter is over.  Candy and decorations are going on sale, and stores are getting ready for the next big holiday.  (Memorial Day or 4th of July)  However, we are not stuck in the consumer world.  As Christians we are called to live in this world but not be of this world.  For followers of the Way, Easter Sunday is the beginning of a long celebration—one lasting 49 days.  My paternal grandmother loved a celebration.  She had figurines, napkins, table decorations, and cake decorations for every holiday.  Christmas was her favorite since she thought everyone should get a toy, whether they were 2 or 95.  The other celebration that she loved was birthdays—specifically her grandchildren’s.  Her idea was to celebrate for a whole month!  No, we didn’t get a lot of presents or have a special meal every night, but the month of our birthday was ‘our month’.  I know it sounds frivolous or maybe a little out there, but at the time, I loved it.  She showed us how much she loved us, by declaring that we should be celebrated the whole month.  Our birth was just a passing moment, but something that was life changing.  When something changes your life, you should surely celebrate it more than one day?  So no, I’m not advocating a month’s worth of egg hunts or big family meals every day.  But since Christ’s resurrection changed our lives and our world, shouldn’t we celebrate longer than just one day?  In a way we do.  Every Sunday of the year is a ‘mini’ Easter.  That’s why we worship on Sunday and not Saturday which is the  traditional Sabbath.   Sunday is the day of Resurrection.  It is the day that changed our lives forever.  

We also have a hard time being excited about Easter.  It becomes old news.  We forget how life changing it is.  We have a hard time being excited in worship, too. Maybe instead of shouting ‘Hosanna’, we should try ‘Wow!’ or ‘That’s amazing!’ or ‘Yaaaaa! WooHoo!’.  The resurrection of Christ is: 😁🎉.  (Sometimes pictures seem to convey meaning more clearly.) Definitely we should be moving our bodies along with our words to show our excitement. This is Great News!!!!  Christ is Risen!  Why is that  important?  Because it shows us how much God loves the world and how far God is willing to go to make sure that we know we are loved.  This is the Great News we have been told. It’s worth celebrating—everyday.  It’s worth telling someone else.  Why don’t you try it?