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Pastor's Page

Candace Worth

Candace's Pastoral Ponders...

You might think that Easter is over, but it isn't.  We will celebrate the Season of Easter until the end of May.  Remember the significance of the 40 days of Lent?  Well now we remember the 40 days from the time Christ arose until he ascended.  Then there are 10 days after that until Pentecost, which is June 4th.  These 40 days are a time to rejoice that Christ is raised. Canon Mark A. Pearson writes, "Jesus walked for 40 days on earth before His Ascension back to heaven, to demonstrate He was truly raised, to remind them [the disciples] of what He had already taught, to point them to their mission, to rivet home three essential features of discipleship [evangelism, baptism, and communion] after His Ascension and to reassure His followers that, despite their failing Him, He still loved them."  In the Bible 40 days represents a time for reflection/testing or a time for growth.  Now is the time to take what you learned during your Lenten journey and put it into practice.  The disciples did not immediately embark upon their calling to GO!  First, Jesus told them to wait.  They spent time with Jesus and  began to understand those things that didn't make much sense the first time Jesus taught them.  The disciples spent time in prayer and worship.  This was an active waiting, a preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit.  We need to look at our own lives and the life of New Hope to see if our struggle is with waiting until God says now is the time, or whether our struggle is going when it is the time to go.   



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