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Earth Care Update

Thinking Green   

The City of Chattanooga announced in September that residential recycling in the big blue cans will now accept a wide assortment of food packaging items.  Just make sure items are clean and free of food waste and liquids before tossing them into the bins.  Food packaging includes pizza boxes, plastic salad takeout containers, paper plates, bakery boxes, drink carriers, and pulp take home containers, to name a few examples.

If you look on the underside of a plastic container, there is a recycling symbol with a number 1 to 7 inside the triangle.  The numbers indicate what kind of plastic the bottle or container is made of.  Recycling centers separate each kind of re-use into other products.  Unfortunately, you will find that many food packaging products ware labeled with #6, which is polystyrene, or what we call 'Styrofoam'/  This plastic is found in egg cartons, meat trays and disposable plates and cups, and is somewhat problematic.  While the City recycling program accepts plastickst #1-7, I was told the polystyrene type is not so desirable, difficult to recycle, and may end up in the landfill in spite of our good intentions.  I have decided to put #6 food containers in my recycling bin anyway, and let the recycling gurus decide how to handle it.  But please do not fill your bin with Styrofoam peanuts or flat Styrofoam packaging sheets.  We want to do the right thing to be good stewards, but also follow the recycling rules.

For the Earth Care Team,  Rosie