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Earth Care Update

Thinking Green   


This summer I received an email from the Tennessee Aquarium posing the question, “What if the ocean had more plastic than fish?”  Plastic is now found in every marine area on earth—from oceans to lakes, rivers and streams.  Over half of all marine mammals are impacted by plastic in their lifetimes.  In a new initiative called ‘IN OUR HANDS’, aquariums across the country are joining together to launch a campaign that aims to reduce single-use plastic.  Think coffee cups, water bottles, plastic bags and straws which we casually toss out after using them just once.  I had first hand experience with this recently at the checkout counter at Walmart.  The cashier rang up my purchases and proceeded to put each item in a new plastic bag.  For just a few items, I came home with 15 plastic bags, when 4 would have been quite sufficient!  I also saw a disturbing video on social media that documented the plight of a young whale who entered a harbor, sick and underweight.  A wildlife resource officer was forced to shoot the whale, and when a necropsy was performed, the veterinarian found more than 30 twisted plastic bags clogging the whale’s digestive system.  It had literally starved to death eating plastic.
We have the power to help reduce ocean and freshwater plastic  pollution by making informed choices that help the environment,   rather than degrade it.  You may have seen the news this summer that Seattle is banning plastic straws and silverware.  All food businesses will have to offer compost or paper straw and utensil  options as a way to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.  This is a good idea that hopefully will spread across the country. 
Let’s not wait for the tsunami of good intentions to reach us!  You can buy eco-friendly paper straws and utensils at Amazon, various on-line retailers, and Michael’s craft store.  Bring your own paper straw to your next restaurant meal.  Keep a stash handy in your car.
For the Earth Care Team,  Rosie