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Earth Care Update

Thinking Green   

Odds and Ends

1.  Thank you to all who agreed to receive the New Hope Newsletter on-line.  This is a great way to decrease our paper, printing and postage costs.  If you want to sign up, contact Leslie in the office.

2.   The Earth Care Book Share bookcase in the Narthex kitchen has some new magazines to share.  Pick up a National Geographic for your summer reading—interesting and educational articles accompanied with beautiful photographs and maps.  Return the magazines when you are finished.  Share a magazine you have at home.

3.  Now that the hot summer months are here, please be aware of how many “grab & go” plastic water bottles you use.  If you keep hydrated with these bottles, please make sure to recycle each one.  Refilled drink cups from fast food establishments can also be recycled.  Check for the triangle on the cup.  Did you know that bottle caps (from drinks, medicines, laundry products, etc) are made from polypropylene plastic and are highly recyclable?  They are made into auto parts, storage bins, shipping pallets & more.  Also, recycle plastic bags and wraps of all types by taking them to your grocery collection bins.  Burying used plastics in a landfill is a waste of valuable materials.  Read more about recycling at www.

Earth Care Field Trip Opportunity

We can tour the Tennessee Aquarium’s new Conservation Institute at 175 Baylor School Road (Baylor School campus, off Signal Mountain Blvd.) on Tuesday, July 25 at 4:00pm.  Visit the main learning, research and conservation spaces & learn about protection of fresh water ecosystems in the Southeast. The tour fee is $10 for Aquarium members, $15 for non-members and $6 for students. 
Make reservations and payment at, then click the Events & Programs link (look for TACI).  New Hopers can meet at the entrance at 3:50pm to tour together.