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Earth Care Update

Thinking Green

    More dire warnings about plastics.  According to our Tennessee Aquarium, “plastic is the most prevalent type of debris in aquatic environments, and single use plastics are a major source of this pollution.  Studies have shown that this problem can’t be solved by current recycling efforts alone.  We have to reduce the amount of plastic—particularly single-use varieties that we consume in the first place.  Erasing small items like plastic grocery bags, drinking straws and to-go containers from our daily routines can make a big difference on the amount of harmful plastic that ends up in our  waterways.”

    Recently, I have seen several articles about how some countries, cities and companies have banned plastic drinking straws.  Did you know that in the US alone, consumers use as many as 500 million straws each day?  That adds up to a lot of plastic, and most of it ends up in our waterways and oceans!  Banning plastic straws is one step in the right direction, but you do not have to go straw free. Quality paper straws as an alternative do exist in the market.  Aardvark Paper Straws based in Fort Wayne, IN (my home town) is currently the nation’s only producer of paper straws, and their business is booming!  Check them out on-line.  Read an article about them in the Indianapolis Star, June 24, 2018.

    A magazine ad caught my attention with an advertisement to purchase paper snack and sandwich bags.  Back to school lunches are being packed every day with single use plastic bags, and this company, If You Care, provides an environmentally responsible alternative.  They offer a number of household, cooking & baking, and cleaning products that are aimed at reducing the amount of waste in our disposal systems.  Visit the web site to learn more about their innovative and unique products.
For the Earth Care Team,